Auto Profit (scam)

Hello Money Maker,

<a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> joined Under Trial listing on 14th of July and $100 were reinvested back into project for monitoring purposes. Overall design of <a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> is simple but I must say that it is very easy to understand.

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<a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> offers four investment plans,

4% for 50 trading days!(minimum deposit is $5)

4.5% for 50 trading days! (minimum deposit is $500)

6% for 50 trading days!(minimum deposit is $5000)

480% in 50 days!(minimum deposit is $250)

If you will invest starting from minimal $5 up to $499 <a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> will pay you 4% daily for 50 business days (payments 5 days per week). With such investment you can make 100% profits. For investments up to $5000 project will pay 6% daily and in such case your total return will be 300% and pure profit 200%. You can invest more, but I do not recommend making such big investments.

You can make a deposit and get profits using the most popular and commonly used electronic currencies such as PerfectMoney or Bitcoin. Investment online platform is fully automated, so your deposits will be paid automatically and instantly each trading day. To control the payments and to avoid any fraud all remittances from the project are processed automatically each day.

(You need not register an account,just make deposit,then wait for your profit.Automatic daily payouts from monday to friday.Daily payouts directly to your PM account.)

Technically good thing is that project is using not GoldCoders HYIP script or H-script.It is unique custom script and also here I like that administrator have customized design to make <a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> design great looking.The same I can’t say about hosting because <a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> is using Genius Guard hosting and DDoS protection. While lately Genius Guard is not that bad hosting I remember that previously there was few problems with it, but I hope they are all fixed and <a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> will have no problems with uptime at all. Additionally project domain is prepaid for 1 year what is more or less like standard these days and project is secured with SSL encryption.

There are several people who are investing in <a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> and until now I have not seen any problems with it, but we must take in accountant that administration only recently started to advertise this project. If we think about what I said previously I think that it is not too late to invest in <a target="_blank" href="">Auto Profit</a> now, but remember also worst case scenario and invest only that you can afford to lose.


Jul-20-2015 10:26:44 AM

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