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Hello moneymaker,
More than 60 days ago started This project is called <a href= targe=_blank>Bitc Trade Limited </a> and there are many investors who have already deposited in this project.And making good profit,it is good news.
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This project overall is online more than 69 days. I personally do not mind about projects with extended lifetime, because it brings bigger trust for newbie investors because they think that project have paid interest for all this period.

For now <a href= targe=_blank>Bitc Trade Limited </a>is more or less simple project, from design point of view the most I like header and image what you can seen over there. Design is made to make this business style impression. Everything else in project is quite simple and like for almost any other Standard listing HYIP project. Positive thing is that administrator have purchased “Green Bar” SSL, but on the other hand today such SSL encryption is installed in almost every project that is listed on HYIP monitor.
Plan details:
5,15%Hourly for 20 Hours
Minimum deposit: $500 Maximum deposit: $1,000 Deposit Included
Hourly Plan,you need to deposit more $500,it looks like good.On the other hand,it is high can not afford to lose.

1)120%after 1 day
102.5% Minimum: $10.00 Maximum: $1000.00 Deposit Included
103% Minimum: $1001.00 Maximum: $2000.00 Deposit Included
104% Minimum: $2001.00 Maximum: $5000.00 Deposit Included
If you deposit less then $1000,your pure profit is 2.5%.For example you make deposit $10,you will get in total profit $10.25 after 1 day.However you deposit more 1001,3% of your profit.But it is high risk.

2)250%after 6 days
116% Minimum: $10.00 Maximum: $1000.00 Deposit Included
120% Minimum: $1001.00 Maximum: $2000.00 Deposit Included
127% Minimum: $2001.00 Maximum: $5000.00 Deposit Included
Deposit $1000,after 6 days,the total profit of $1160,pure profit is $160

If we talk about payment options than there is not much to choose from, for now <a href= targe=_blank>Bitc Trade Limited </a>offers just three payment options what most likely you already know – Perfect Money, Payeer and cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC deposits are processed with real-time BTC to USD exchange rare). As usually deposits will be processed automatically, but this time withdrawals will be paid manually. From my personal experience I can say that they are processed quite quickly and always have arrived on time.

Technically the best thing in my mind is that project is based on licensed GoldCoders script that is the best commercial HYIP script what administrator can choose like a foundation for HYIP project. Yes, it is not modified or anything, but with this script it is guaranteed that project will work like a Swiss clock. Good thing that administrator have hosted this project on dedicated server because that will bring higher security for this project. As I mentioned earlier project is using Green bar SSL encryption what is great bonus but of course that does not bring much for you. Domain name is purchase for 5 years, but also that is like a standard.

How much money does administrator actually have I do not know, but one thing is interesting – administrator still didnot buy more banners,maybe later the admin will buy.Wait to see.
At this moment project is online like 69days, but because of extended lifetime it is difficult to say how old this project actually is and how long it will last. On the other hand that does not mean that project could survive that long, but I still keep fingers crossed.
Dear investors!
With pride to inform you that exactly 70 days today from that moment when our program came with the investment offers in the Internet! During this time there have been a set of events in program's life. We have installed an excellent design for our site, developed and strengthened relationship with our clients. We were able to earn the trust a great number of investors in this hard time. And the number of investors who trust us, grows day by day! It means that the program continues to develop fruitful and go forward. Taking an opportunity, we want to pay also attention of our investors to that fact that from now on you can use additional services which were created for improvement of interaction between BITC Trade limited and each interested client. You can make a call to number specified on the BITC Trade limited site and clarify any question interesting you concerning activity of BITC Trade limited. The working hours operators are from 9.00 am to 17.00 pm BST.
Besides, there is an opportunity to ask any questions concerning activity of BITC Trade limited in Live chat. The working hours operators are from 8.00 am to 01.00 am BST.
In both services support is available in English and Russian languages . As you can see, we do everything for development and improvement of work of BITC Trade limited, for the purpose of achievement of the greatest efficiency of the work and receiving the maximum profit by each our investor.
Also we pay your attention to a release of new video about the program soon. It will be interesting! Watch for our announcements in a next news!
Dear investors!
By following the strategic plan for a long-term development of the program,
we report to you about the addition to the admissible to investment list of
electronic payment systems of one more payment system:
It has been done for more flexible redirection of investment streams in the
program and granting there are more opportunities for investment and receiving
stable and worthy profit for each our investor.
Sincerely, administration of the BITC Trade Limited program.

Jun-14-2015 11:37:05 AM

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