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HYIPs admin

Hyip admins are people too and are therefore inherent in ordinary human qualities. Therefore, in their work, they use a full strategic set. To begin with, what tricks are used for catching admins hyip investors.
Tricks admins hyip

1) Making a fake site. Hyip''''''''s done as cheaply as possible. Posted number is not a working phone or someone else''''''''s phone company. Posted button "Live chat", which involves communication with the operator on-line. In fact, clicking on the "Live chat" You get to the page with a form of feedback through e-mail. Icons placed on the site SSL, antiDdos, Dedicated server, bank ware or any other payment system, a unique license or script - and in fact we have nothing. This suggests that the admin hyip can not or do not want to spend a lot of time and money making website hyip. That is, the probability that it will close quickly is very high. In fact, this technique hyip admin wants to fool newcomers who do not understand all these nuances.

2) Sending letters to the new plan or some technical improvement on the site before the close of hyip or after the close of the program.

3) More aggressive ploy - sending emails to download your file. It is the most common hacker technique - do not be surprised admin hyip can be hacker. And do not expect too much on antivirusnik or firewall. Sometimes viruses evade them without any problems.

4) In the database admin hyip watching your password and tries to pick him up to your post and koshekalkam. Therefore, use different passwords.

5) Admin hyip takes your deposit with a longer plan. And he starts to play for time formal replies. So pay your deposit it is going.

6) The use of paid-posters and paid-voters, hyip posts on the forum and vote at the hyip monitoring reports were paid for.

7) block the account if you have a large deposit and admin hyip is not going to pay you.

It so happens that some administrators are trying to sink the program hyip competitor. It uses all methods. Here are some of them.
1) Ddos attack.

2) Hacker Hacking hosting script accounts of investors.

3) Again, the use of paid-posters and paid-voters to the bad reviews on forums hyip and bad votes in the hyip monitors.

In addition to the competition in the hyip industry there are the usual extortionists. Usually they write threats to admin with the requirement to pay any amount. Otherwise, they threaten the voices and bad reviews, the DDoS attack, burglary site. Most often it is the usual petty racketeers, but sometimes those involved and monitoring hyip. They need to buy their listing and banner otherwise put the status "Not paying". Experienced administrators hyip not pay extortionists and have affairs with such monitorings hyip. Nervous beginners is pay a small amount.