HYIP's glossary

HYIP - High Yield Investment Program
account - member cabinet. Here you can see your stats, deposit, charges, payments, referrals.

deposit - your contribution to the project
account ballance - your Ballance, who can be expelled from hyip
active deposit - your active deposit hyip
withdraw - deduction (profit or deposit)
pending withdraw - waiting contributions (payments)
reflink, affiliate - your refferal link and your refs
vysokoprotsentnik, short terms - HYIP with a profit of over 61% per month
sredneprotsentnik - HYIP with a profit of 16 to 61% per month
nizkoprotsentnik HYIP with a profit of 15% per month
105% after 1 day - making a contribution you get through the day 105% of your deposit
10% daily - will receive 10% of your daily contribution to hyip
sign up - registration in hyip
dedicated server - a dedicated server
Ddos - DDoS attack is an attack site is not available
Ddos protected - DDoS Protection
Script - The automated software engine that performs the basic function of the website. Fixes the deposit shall accrue interest, record referrals, making the payment.
licensed script - license script, a script that was made of. developers to hyip
unique script - a unique script written specifically for this site hyip
referral commision - ref commission, which will be paid to you for the involved parties, such as refcomission 5%, then you will receive 5% of every deposit that you attract in hyip
compaunding - compound interest, such as your contribution to $ 100 daily charge of 3%, the next day you do not output gain, and plyusuete to the deposit sleduyuschyue accrued on the deposit is $ 103, and so on. Especially do not get involved in this.
deposit from account, reinvest - a deposit from your account instead of withdrawing money you reinvest them directly from your account hyip
fast withdraw - fast payouts from hyip
instant withdraw - instant payments for a few seconds
auto withdraw - after the accrual of interest payments instantly deducted from the chip on your wallet, do not even have to request
LR, Lieb, Liberty - Liberty Reserva(scam) payment system for hyip
PM, perfect - the payment system Perfect for hyip
bank wire - transfer
Legal company - legally registered company
SSL - encryption allows you to keep your data safe from hackers
Comodo - one the biggest sellers of SSL certificates
Scam, scam - a program HYIP, which does not pay, or has ceased to pay
scam ephemera - a project hyip, which no one pays
admin - admin hyip
support - support, communication with the administrator of the site hyip
scammer - admin hyip, or anyone who does not go to the profit
profit, profit - profit

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Hourly Cool 3.7 Apr 15th, 2018
16.04.18 02:40 Received Payment 1.27 USD from account U11021189 to account U5077677. Batch: 211662006. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from hourlycool.com.
CoinRoi LTD 5.5 Apr 15th, 2018
Not paying anymore. SCAM! Don`t invest here
Hour Here 10.0 Mar 30th, 2018
Payment Received
Hourlynew 10.0 Mar 30th, 2018
Payment Received
RoiCool LTD 7.5 Mar 30th, 2018
Payment Received
CoinRoi LTD 5.5 Mar 30th, 2018
Payment Received
Hourly OS 8.5 Mar 30th, 2018
Payment Received
Hourly Cool 3.7 Mar 30th, 2018
Payment Received
RoiCool LTD 7.5 Mar 16th, 2018
Edpay 8.8 Mar 1st, 2018
02.03.18 02:37 Received Payment 0.99 USD from account U12678191 to account U5077677. Batch: 207080795. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from edpay.me.

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RichPower Review(Scam) Aug-19-2015 08:35:22 AM
Hello Money Maker, SCAM!SCAM!SCAM!
On 15th of Aug. to HYIP.BZ Sticky Listing Stage joined RichPower and $200 were reinvested back into project.
Auto Profit (scam) Jul-20-2015 10:26:44 AM
Auto Profit joined HYIP.bz Under Trial listing on 14th of July and $100 were reinvested back into project for monitoring purposes. Overall design of Auto Profit is simple but I must say that it is very easy to understand.
Roxfinance Review(scam) Jul-6-2015 10:24:41 AM
Roxwell Finance joined Top Performer listing on 5th of July and $200 were reinvested back into this project.
Profit Technology(scam) Jun-19-2015 04:57:12 AM
Today I want to introduce you with Profit Technology that 7 days ago came online and on the first day joined TOP listing. In this project I reinvested $200 and until now all payments I have received on time and there have not been any difficulties.
BitcTrade Review(scam) Jun-14-2015 11:37:05 AM
Hello moneymaker, More than 60 days ago started This project is called Bitc Trade Limited and there are many investors who have already deposited in this project.

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