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HYIP projects

Hyip projects - this is high-yield investment programs (HYIP - High-yield Investment Program). The principle of working with hyip funds is simple enough.

You first need to register on the site of the project, after which the account is opened in the system Liberty Reserve, Webmoney, Alert Pay, E-Gold and others, and the implementation of direct investment funds: hyip investment of $ 1.

The main sources of income are:
1. Investing on the foreign exchange market FOREX.

2. Trading in shares of companies on international stock exchanges.

3. Participation in various commercial sweepstakes.

4. Financing a highly profitable business.

Program managers invest the money the participants in the projects, taking advantage of their offshore status, perform the creation of profit, which is not taxed. In the end, the amount of leave, it is sufficient for maintenance of the HYIP and deductions for payments to depositors. These projects initially thought highly profitable, but not fraudulent. After all, the classic HYIP-project for the investor - a kind of con artist who collects the money of its depositors and then disappearing from view. All the same, not all such projects are fraudulent, and there really was originally designed for generating income. The responsibility lies with the investor, who must determine the actual operating project, because statistics show that the projects actually earning only 10% of the total. There are special services to monitor the activities of these projects, the so-called HYIP monitors, which include listings of existing projects and detailed information about the problems and benefits. Therefore it is necessary to collect information from various sources and especially at investment forums.