The basic rules of investing in HYIP. In order to successfully engage in investing in HYIP, follow basic rules that will help you to minimize or eliminate those risks faced by any person who has decided to capitalize on the investment projects HYIP.

First of all it is necessary to specify that all HYIP investment programs in the network are pyramid schemes and do not trust someone who convinces you otherwise. As in real life, the internet is full of crooks, scoundrels, simply dishonest people, the main purpose of which take advantage of ignorance of any person and for this to make a living. This is the conclusion I''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ve come quite a long time engaged in investing in HYIP, as well as participating in other projects podbnyh. Go tell that to earn in HYIP investment programs and can be very good, but you should always be on guard, as the crooks and charlatans are inventing new ways to get hold of our money. So, here I will give the basic rules of which it is desirable to adopt in order to avoid losing money :

1. First rule: Due to the high risks, advise only invest the money that would be a pity not to lose. Of course, it is a pity to lose any money, but here I mean the funds that are necessary for life - money aside for loans, rent, school, food, medical care, pensions, education of children and so on. I think the meaning is clear. Strongly recommend to borrow money to invest in HYIP, it can turn into an extremely unpleasant consequences if the investment program closes unexpectedly. For investing in HYIP suitable only available savings on entertainment (football, theater, cinema, concerts), alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Each person has available funds, and sometimes they are not that small (for example one of my friends quit smoking, and estimates that it saves a year just on this $ 1,000). In short, each person has their own abilities and needs, and to seek to ensure that they match.
2. Second rule: always check the programs that intend to invest. Take the time to look for reviews on the internet HYIP, using the search engine Google. Just write in the command line and look for the name of the HYIP blogs and forums where information is constantly updated. I do not recommend at this trust monitors, because you can easily fall into the scam (monitors not only to earn advertising HYIPs, but also for defrauding investors).
3. The third rule: Before investing in any program hyip try to find out its specification, if possible talk to the support site, using live chat (you can just ask a few simple questions about hosting and script in the program, it will be enough to understand how the support ). 4. Fourth rule: choose projects HYIP, investment plans that are designed for a reasonable profit (from 0.5% to 3% per day), and those that do not offer, say, 20% per hour or 100% of net income for the day.
5. The fifth rule: never switch compounding (Compounding) in the program HYIP, it can lead to a complete loss of money.
6. Sixth rule: no sooblaznyaytes for bonuses in the program. For example, the administrator may offer investors a hyip bonuses in investing in his project. This immediately looks suspicious, and says only that the hyip close soon.
7. The seventh rule: never go to sites on the links that come to you in the mail. At best, it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s just spam, and at worst - phishing. In the Internet sale of many databases at investors who cheats and fixers to fish out from different places. Be very careful with these letters and also do not open attachments of unknown origin (they may be Trojan horses, and other tools kiloggery hackers)
8. The eighth rule: all incoming emails are scanned for suspicious original. Let''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s say in the post Google has the option to view the original destination (in the upper right corner there is an arrow - and even if you click on it you will see a drop-down list from which to select the tab Show original)
9. The ninth rule: When working with currency exchanger, select only the most reliable, for it just read the reviews on the Internet. Do not trust individuals and private exchangers.
10. The tenth rule of investing is not to demonstrate greed. It is not necessary to work for a long time with one program hyip, even if it pays well. There are no reliable hyips, trust your feelings and get out of the project (if this is possible under the terms of investment) if you notice even the slightest suspicious information (negative feedback on the forums, status problems on monitors and blogs). Often communicate in chat rooms, on blogs, the information obtained in them will help you to know the opinion of those investors who have already invested in a particular program.
And finally I want to add that it is advisable to invest all your money in one project. Try to choose five, maximum ten good chips and allocate resources between them. Do not get involved in a lot of programs at once, it dulls vigilance and can lead to large losses ...

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